How do we pay? Technology of the payment transaction

Before proceeding to the completion of the Payment Transaction, all the basic parameters and conditions of the Sale directed for payment must be made available to the Buyer:

       - the unique identifier of the Order;

       - the price and quantity of each product/service in the Transaction;

       - if the Transaction involves delivery:

       - delivery terms - full or only reference to the Commercial Terms, and if the Commercial Terms provide for different delivery terms, then the delivery term applicable to this Transaction must also be unambiguously indicated;

       - delivery dates (name, surname, telephone number of the Recipient, delivery address);

       - the price of the delivery, if payment applies;

       - __________________ checks (document name (e.g., ID)) of the Consignee to be carried out upon delivery of the Package.

       - other payments if applicable in this Transaction;

       - the total amount of the order, equal to the amount of the Payment Transaction to be initiated by the Merchant to pay for the given Sale;

       - reference and active link to the Terms of Business;

       - any other special conditions applicable to the given Transaction.

Prior to the initiation of the Payment Transaction the Buyer must indicate his agreement to the Terms of Business by ticking the box "I have read and agree to the Terms of Business".

Payment can be made through the payment instruments offered by "Paynet Service" Ltd. The ordered products must be paid in full, otherwise the delivery will not be made.

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